My controller drifts what now?

Controller analog drifting is the most common problem on all PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Unfortunately drifting will always occur and the best way to repair drifting is by replacing the complete analog. However due to preset factory settings we can only get most drifting closest to default settings for XBOX and PS. MAD Controllers always try to get the dead zone closest to or below 5%(0.05) on PlayStation and 7% on Xbox (0.07). In some cases, if we are not able to do it we allow another maximum of 2 % before we consider it drifting. Example if your controller “drifts” please set your dead zone higher that the default. We always strive to get the dead zone as close to 0 as possible.

Before you send in your controller make sure it drifts on a higher dead zone as we will not repair any drifting issues that is between 5-7% on PlayStation and 7-9% on Xbox.

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